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Update 19th September 2021: The golden era of Private WoW Servers halted when WoW Classic was released by Blizzard. Right now, Activision Blizzard will be rolling out the second phase for the expansion WoW Classic: Burning Crusade. If you need to to buy gold for WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade, visit Gold4Vanilla.
If by this time, you are switching from WoW to Amazon's New World, on this page you can find New World coins.

Gold for Warmane's TBC Servers: Medivh & Outland

On 20th May 2017, Warmane launched it's first Burning Crusade called Outland. The server was under development for more than a year, based on their successfull WotLK core used for Lordaeron (LGOLD) and Icecrown. The 2nd, called Medivh, which has x1 blizzlike rates, was launched a week after Outland. These two realms grabbed almost all of the TBC Private WoW server community playerbase, which was "hungry" for fresh TBC servers, after the smaller buzz for Hellfire and Wargate. Several months ago, Vanilla WoW under Elysium was considered the best major private server, but with Warmane's launch of Outland and Medivh the focus is all here. We have updated our network with 2 brand new websites focusing on the new releases, you can find them on the links below, but you can as well use our Warmane sites for obtaining services for the TBC versions as well.

→ Outland Warmane & Medivh TBC ←

Ragnaros Gold Packages

We would like to inform you that both Warmane Realms: Ragnaros and Deathwing were merged together, now known as Icecrown. The gold packages on this site will no longer work, but you can make a purchase for the new and improved realm on our new site that deals with gold for Icecrown - please visit our new website at:

→ www.Gold4IceCrown.com ←

10000 Gold
$17 USD (about €14.9 EUR)

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15000 Gold
$26 USD (about €22.8 EUR)

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20000 Gold
$34 USD (about €29.8 EUR)

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30000 Gold
$51 USD (about €44.8 EUR)

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50000 Gold
$85 USD (about €74.6 EUR)

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80000 Gold
$135 USD (about €118.6 EUR)

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Update 23th July 2020:
Atlantiss is releasing a new TBC WoW Server called Karazhan, highly anticipated. You can buy Gold Atlantiss - from our partner site Gold4Vanilla.

We are selling gold on Warmane's Ragnaros for almost two years (since April 2014), and we have finally decided to put up a website which is a safer way for selling instead of using forums and skype.

Important Note: Be cautious when buying from in-game general/trade chat spammers. They are quickly ironed out and your account might be connected with theirs in terms of gold trades. Be cautious when you make a purchase using forum / Skype sellers - they will usually request that you send the payment upfront as a friend, which makes it non-refundable. We are your safe bet!

While Molten WoW was still up, Ragnaros had pretty much ruined economy. Now, re-incarnated under Warmane, the economy is very well balanced - keep on mind that Ragnaros has 10x XP/Gold rates.

We might be interested for buying the gold you have on Ragnaros. Please check this page if you sell gold.

Answers To Your General Questions (FAQ) - about trading gold on Ragnaros

1. How long until i get the gold?

- To answer you quickly - ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Maybe few minutes, maybe a couple of hours if we are away from keyboard.

2. You used to have cheaper prices?

- Yes, we had cheaper packages when Ragnaros was under Molten. Molten was taken down and the server economy is now stable (not ruined).

3. I am concerned about the safety of my account?

- You are 100% safe with us. We never spam the trade channels, and we do take numerous safety precautions before making a delivery to you.

4. Your gold delivered within maximum of 24 hours!

- Or your money back. That is our Refund Policy. Please don't get this mistaken, we do try to deliver as soon as you make the order.

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Brant Lenarz lienarz****@aol.com (10th April '16)

I'm Impressed! My 10K order was delivered in 10 mins. Gold4Ragnaros, thumbs up!

50k for Xmass!

Travis Ritter ritter.tr****@live.dk (25th Dec '15)

Purchased the 50K package to enjoy the holidays ^^

Geared Up!

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Got my gear and fast flying mount thanks to you!

Bought 20000!

Kaileigh Oliver oli77bono****@gmx.de (28th March '15)

Gold on Ragnaros is farmed easily... but i don't want to bother.

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