About Gold4Ragnaros
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Main information

Professional gold selling team that started developing network of sites for private World of Warcraft Servers. We started to provide services on the Feenix (Warsong, Archangel and Emerald Dream) servers, endured Nostalrius PvP and PvE with it's setbacks from the launch till the closing on 10th of April 2016, Kronos I & II WoW, Warmane's Lordaeron & Ragnaros, Dalaran WoW among others.

You can learn more about us by visiting our parent site: www.V7Gaming.com

Why Warmane's Ragnaros Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a Realm?

We launched Gold4Ragnaros long time ago, since it was still in Molten WoW's hands, as a plain site. The current version was developed in the recent months, after the number of players increased. It was our third website, right after Gold4Warsong and Gold4Archangel.

Less time farming, more time playing the game! Enjoy :-)

Contact Information

Email: shop@v7gaming.com Skype: Vision7Gaming

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